2016 Artist in Residence

Lorette C. Luzajic is most inspired by colour, texture, and the vast array of human ideas and imagination, including art, literature, religion, pop culture and technology. If one word was needed, to sum up what is behind her creativity, it would be “curiosity.”

Her fascination with human ideas melds perfectly with her love of eclectic materials, resulting in what she calls “mixed up media.” Lorette plays with appropriation to create wholly original works; she blurs the intersection of art and writing by incorporating text, literature, and typography collage; she uses music to fuel the rhythm of each painting.

Lorette’s formal education is a degree in journalism from Ryerson University, but her independent study of art history and constant reading could be considered “learning for life.” Taking pictures to better observe the world around her, as well as travel, are both essential to her creative practice.